SUNLABS indicates the best Solar Energy companies in your area.

You access, buy your PV system and guarantee the lowest price.

You save time and money, safely and comfortably!

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How it works

The whole process is safe, simple and effective. We will connect you with the supplier companies, search the best prices and present online and in real time the best proposal within regional market. SUNLABS certifies PV-installer companies and they compete with each other, exhibiting the best solution for your solar installation. You gain in price, quality and safety.


    You provide the average constant power consumption found in your energy bill.

  • Search
    SUNLABS accesses companies from its region and informs its best proposals with the lowest price guaranteed. This selection is based on certification criteria, experience, quality of services, reputation, proximity, among others.

  • Proposal

    With on-screen company proposals, you schedule an inspection visit with the company you choose.

  • Contract Agreement

    With the technical analysis completed, you decide how the investment will be. Through SUNLABS you can have up to 12% savings, in addition to other benefits.

What you get with Solar Energy.


Strong Economy

You can get up to 90% savings on your electricity bill.


In up to 5 years you can get the return over your investment.


The excess production of your system can be converted into credits within the local electricity provider.


At any time you can resize your generation by expanding your installation.

Other Locations

The excess of your consumption can also be credited to another address of your convenience, such as your company or other residence.


The gain in investment in solar energy in Brazil surpasses traditional investments, such as Savings.

Our mission

Generating solar energy seems complicated for most people. Purchasing solar energy seems to cost a lot. And it also seems to take a long time for this sustainable dream to come true. In fact, those confirmations just "seem": they are myths.

SUNLABS gives you complete control over your solar energy buying experience. The purchasing processes and decisions are dynamic and aim to offer the best product with the best price, quality and service. Budgets, proposals, contracts are synthetic and objective.

Be warned!

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